Zodiac Gift Guides ~ Aquarius
Did you know Aquarius is the rarest zodiac sign? Show some appreciation for the rare person in your life this Aquarius season with an equally as special gift! This air sign is known for being innovative, intellectual, eccentric, and passionate about...
Zodiac Gift Guide - Capricorn
Capricorns are known for their hardworking mindsets and persistence! Appeal to your Capricorn bestie's hardworking side with some new cute- yet practical office decor… Or for the on the go Capricorn, help them get where they’re going even through the...
2023 Jewelry Guide
Add some Sparkle to your Dazzle ~ 2023 Jewelry Style With the last couple of years consisting of sweatpants, tracksuits, and seclusion, we're stepping into 2023 ready to shine. We predict the new year will be all about people reclaiming and showing...
Winter Bump Must-haves
Whether shopping for yourself or looking to get the perfect, usable gifts for any new or pregnant parents-to-be this list consists of our expert team of new and expecting mothers' favourite styles & items! 
Gift Ideas anyone will love
Got some people who are hard to shop for on your Christmas list? Use this list from the Boheme Collective team for some gift ideas that even the hardest to shop for will love!
Stocking Stuffers
The big gifts are easy. The stocking stuffers are where you really win appreciation with gift giving! Find some of the best stocking stuffers from Boheme Collective in this blog and some inspiration too.
Zodiac Gift Guides - Sagittarius
Sagittarius' are known for their optimism, generosity, and need for adventure! They are huge seekers of both knowledge and thrills; They're constantly chasing the next adventure and jumping on any opportunity to learn. Sagittarius also don't have much of a filter which...
Vacation Vibes
It seems like everyone, including most of our team, is coping with the weather cooling down by planning a warm vacation getaway for this winter! Plus, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, it's the perfect time to...
Zodiac Gift Guides - Scorpio
Scorpios are known for their bravery, passion, and feisty energy! They’re usually popular people but only have a small group of friends that they truly trust. That being said, Scorpios can be hard to impress and are private; Even if...
Iconic Outfits for Halloween
Halloween is fast approaching, which means it's officially time to get your last-minute Halloween costumes together! Forget running to the costume shop because this year’s costume trends are going to be all about the iconic celeb moments throughout history, and the...
Long Weekend Essentials
Happy August Long weekend! This summer sure took its time to make it's grand appearance but now that it's here it's really heating up! Whether you're planning to have a lake day, hit up some patios, breweries & wineries, or throw...
Style Guide for Summer Weddings & Events!
It's an amped up season of weddings, and other events! We've curated some outfits that will make you feel & look your best this summer.
Five Biker Short Outfits For Summer
We've curated 5 summer outfits that feature everyone's summer wardrobe essential, biker shorts!
Mother's Day Gift Guide
Mother's Day is coming up quickly! We've put together this guide to help inspire gifts for all the mamas in your life.
Plastic Free July
Plastic Free July, a global movement that inspires people all over the world to make small changes in their use of plastic to create a big change worldwide. Every little bit of plastic saved from the landfill matters. Here are a few items you can use to reduce your plastic use.
Low Waste Wardrobe Tips
We’ve gathered our top tips for creating a low waste wardrobe. When looking to build, add, or reduce your wardrobe try considering these ideas to make the process as waste-free as possible.
12 Gifts Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite products to give you some ideas on how to really spoil your mama this Mother's Day.
Create Your Own Natural Skincare Routine - Using These Canadian Skincare Products.
Creating a skincare routine using natural and effective products is the key to healthy and glowing skin. With so many brands and products to choose from, it can be overwhelming deciding which products to use and how to use them....
9 Women-Owned Brands to support : International Women’s Day & Everyday
International Women’s Day - a day to celebrate the strides made towards gender equality and awareness against gender bias. Here at Boheme Collective we are intentional about the brands we carry and the values behind them, therefore we are so proud to carry these...