Winter Bump Must-haves

Winter Bump Must-haves

With a couple of mums joining on and 3 Boheme baby announcements over the last year, our team has become experts in the pregnancy department

Versatile, dreamy, and comfy outfits are a must any time of the year - in the winter months when you have to add staying warm to the equation, then, the addition of a growing pregnancy bump and regular discomfort in your skin makes it even tougher. 

Whether shopping for yourself or looking to get the perfect, usable gifts for any new or pregnant parents-to-be this list consists of our expert team's favourite styles & items for both during and post-pregnancy.

1. Ottoman Sweater

Over the last couple of years, this sweater has consistently been a best-seller. Its amazing quality, comfort, and clean but oversized cut have made it a favourite amongst people of all ages and life stages. Most importantly, it can easily, and comfortably fit baby bumps, then be used for years to come as a versatile and cute layer.

 Jillian Harris in Ottoman

2. Sagittarius Coveralls

Loungewear at its finest! This comfy, cotton blend jumpsuit from Jackson Rowe is a great piece to add warmth under any outfit or to chill out in all year round. Plus, its button clasps and stretchy material make it a great piece for growing pregnancies and nursing parents.  


3. Day Dreamer T-shirt

These vintage-style and oversized style tops make for a dreamy look and are on the top of everyone's wish list! They work all year long and are a great, unique look for the winter under an oversized cardi or over a turtle neck. For those expecting, our team has admitted to purchasing lots of these shirts during the early months of pregnancy to help hide new bumps and then wearing them 24/7 every trimester afterwards for their simple comfort and stylish factor. 

Led Zep Day dreamer TBack of No Doubt Day Dreamer T-shirt

Queen Tour Day Dreamer ShirtLionel Richie oversized Day dreamer shirt

3. Encompass Long Sleeve Top

Number one piece of advice for maternity wear shopping - make sure it's comfortable, can be used during breastfeeding, post-pregnancy (especially c-section) outfits, and in regular day attire - making any wrap-style top, dress, or shirt a must-have for every parent's wardrobe! 

Encompass shirt back Encompass shirt in blueEncompass SHirt in Red

4. Wes Scarf

Any parent who experienced pregnancy can tell you that crazy body temperature changes are guaranteed. Especially when experiencing cold winter temps; so easy to shed or add layers are always appreciated and oversized scarfs are a perfect one to have on hand. Plus, they make the perfect, work-appropriate blanket with desk jobs and a great quick booster seat and baby sling cover or a cozy on-the-go blanket for your babes. 

Wes Scarf on personWes Scarf folded

5. Easy Fleece Joggers

Once again, easy & comfortable are words to live by when shopping for pregnancy and parent attire. Joggers like the easy fleece from z-supply are high-waisted, stylish, and have an adjustable waist - making them easy to throw on for busy juggling days in parenthood and are the best must-have during early pregnancy bloating. 

Easy Fleece Joggers in BlackEasy Fleece Joggers in BlackEasy Fleece Joggers in Pink

6. Feel good wellness + beauty products

Overall, early parenthood and pregnancy days are those you'll remember forever - so make sure you soak it in and enjoy it to the best of your ability! These are some beauty & wellness products our team has used to ensure they do just that: 

Oat milk soak

Sweet Mama Body Oil

Over Achiever Balm

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