2023 Jewelry Guide

2023 Jewelry Guide

Add some Sparkle to your Dazzle ~ 2023 Jewelry Style

With the last couple of years consisting of sweatpants, tracksuits, and seclusion, we're stepping into 2023 ready to shine.

We predict the new year will be all about people reclaiming and showing off their personal styles - and we're so excited to be here to help you do so too!  

One of the best ways to get started on building up your style game is to add to your accessory wardrobe; especially your Jewelry collection. The addition of some statement earrings, a necklace stack, or any rings & bracelets, can instantly elevate any outfit (even your well-invested comfort wear). 

We've worked tirelessly to build a selection of timeless and unique necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings that can seamlessly fit into anyone's wardrobe. Plus, we only bring in high-quality, ethical, and affordable brands. Currently, our collection comes from just two fellow British Columbian Brands - Lavender & Grace and Leah Alexandra. 

Check out our 2023 Jewelry guide below: 

More is Better - stacked necklace looks are everywhere! When we say more we don't just mean quantity; most dreamy stacks consist of 3-4 necklaces that are each different styles! We're talking gold + silver combos, all chain styles, diamonds, pearls, and charm-accented pieces! We're obsessed with this trend as it easily elevates simple outfits, and the necklaces stacked are all unique enough that they can still be worn alone to add shine.


Similar to necklaces, we're seeing the use of various styles and stacks; however, the trend is leaning towards smaller stacks with only one being a bolder, solo statement piece and the others simple matching chains or cuffs. We also predict seeing the use of a few more colours, diamonds, and charms in the coming season's collection releases. 
Bracelet Stack
Bracelet StackBracelet Stack
Bigger and bolder styles have started filling up our jewelry case! Just like the other jewelry types, stacking is essential - especially for special occasions and layered cozy looks.  Most notably, diamond-accented styles are taking centre stage!

Leah Alexandra Stacked RingsL&G Statement Rings
Leah Alexandra Stacked Gold RIngs
Hoops, Hoops, Hoops! These timeless earpieces have never really left the trend circuit - and 2023 is seeing the launch of the timeless shape but bigger & sparklier! Alongside hoops, we also love ear cuff style, with multiple piercings, including the cartilage, all 'stacked' with various unique stud shapes. 
Leah Alexandra StudsL&G Goldie Twist Hoops
   L&G Hoops
We'd love to see how you're styling your jewelry! Tag us: @boheme_collective 
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