Sammy Hill's Fall Picks

Sammy Hill's Fall Picks


It's officially Fall in British Columbia - an exciting time for fashion lovers! We all look forward to the season's cozy knits, rich, warm hues, and fresh wardrobes. To delve deeper into the art of Fall fashion and its allure, we sat down with renowned local fashion blogger and business owner Sammy Hill. She is known for her ability to effortlessly embrace each season's style through her impeccable fashion choices, blending new trends with timeless, classic looks. We were lucky enough to chat with Sammy in this exclusive interview, where she shares her insights and favourite trends for this much-anticipated autumn:

Q: What fall fashion trends are you most excited about this year, and why?

"The fall fashion trends that I am most excited about this year are ballet flats (chic and comfortable!), elevated cargo pants (they are effortlessly cool), cherry red (it's such a fun colour to play with in the fall with neutrals), something sheer (fun and a little bit risque!)." 

Q:  How do you approach transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall? Any tips for a seamless transition? 

"I love to really shake things up in my closet from summer to fall. Many of my basics stay front and centre in my closet, like basic tees and denim, but then I'll add or pull out sweaters, jackets, and trousers as the temperature drops. My summer style is very simple (tee + denim shorts or a dress), so when fall hits, I like to be more playful with layers."  

            stripe sweater On the Dot Sheer Top
Q: What are your go-to colour palettes for fall?
"I love colour, but I'm a big neutrals girly in the fall - but like, rich neutrals. I love darker denim, chestnut brown, oxblood, olive green, chocolate brown, and the
occasional cream" 
Q:  How do you layer your outfits while maintaining style and comfort?
"Layering, for me, means options throughout the day. You can start with a basic tee or tank and a pair of jeans or trousers, then add a sweater, a jacket, and accessories. As the temperature changes, add or drop a layer! I'm notorious for my outfit looking completely different by the end of the day. A few of my favourite ways to layer are:
- Bodysuit + Jeans + Sweater + Jacket
- Tucked T-Shirt + Cargo Pants + Jacket + Trucker Har
- Tank Top + Sweater Tied Around Shoulders + Trousers + Hair Clip
+ T-Shirt + Maxi Skirt + Jacket + Boots 
+ Mini Dress + Oversized Sweater + Loafers"
lack of color t shirt and cargo pants

Q: What are your favourite fall accessories, and how do you use them to elevate your look?
"I think that fall is the perfect time to experiment with accessories. Some of my favourites include a good pair of oval sunglasses, gold jewelry (mostly earrings for me), cool ball caps or trucker hats, and lots of shoes! My current shoe rotation includes white sneakers, UGG boots, combat boots, ballet flats, and loafers. I think that every fall outfit needs a mix of accessories to be complete."

Day Dreamer Johnny Cash Tee and Cargo Pants

Q:  What fall fashion advice would you give to someone looking to elevate their style and make a statement this season?  
"My advice would be to play with styles you may not have tried before. That might be a pair of cargo pants, something cherry red, loafers, or faux leather! Unless you have a uniform, fall is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and add something unique to your wardrobe. If it pairs well with neutrals, even better!"

  Quarter Zip Sweater 

Q: Lastly, can you share your favourite fall wardrobe essentials or must-have pieces for the season?

"I selected a few fall fashion favourites from Boheme Collective to style this season with my latte in hand and Gilmore Girls playing in the background - some of my top picks are featured in my recent blog post on They also put together a collection highlighting my favourite style recommendations on their site called 'Sammy Hill's Fall Picks.'  Check them out - There are so many fun ways to style my picks of fall pieces to take you from the office to the pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving dinner, and out for drinks with friends."


Shop Sammy's full selection of Fall must-haves:




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