Zodiac Gift Guides ~ Pisces

Zodiac Gift Guides ~ Pisces

Pisces is THE water sign - their compassionate, artistic, empathetic, deeply emotional, and likely the friend that throws themselves at any opportunity to care for others. 
They're a mutable sign, so compared to their other water-sign counterparts the Pisces is the one most likely to be flexible, understanding and all about just going with the flow. However, this paired with their empathetic nature can cause Pisces to take & hold onto the emotions of everyone around them - which if not redirected can be a very overwhelming thing for them to live with. 
Help your magical, caring Pisces friends take some self-care time and show them how appreciated they are during their birthday season! Here are our top gift picks for this zodiac: 

Beauty Water Book

Beauty Water by Tori Holmes

No matter the medical text or ancient nutrition philosophy, all wellness regimens recognize the crucial role played by one simple element: water. This collection of 50 recipes teaches readers how to use herbs, oils, crystals, adaptogens and other    supplements to turn hydration into a self-care ritual and water into a remedy.




PF Candle Inscense Cone

Sunset Incense Cones

PF Candle Co incense cones are packed in custom-printed tin vessels donned with earth-toned motifs, sun shapes, and horizon lines inspired by the scenes of summer.





Boho Dresses

Think romantic, soft, and flowy styles that will make Pisces look as dreamy & romantic as they often feel with their deep, caring emotions.

Waverly Maxi Dress 

 Celeste Strappy Sinuosa Crochet Dress