Agolde Denim

Agolde Denim

Did you know the fast fashion industry attributes to 10% of global carbon emissions and annually creates 92 Million Tonnes of waste while using 79 Trillion Litres of water? As their name suggests, Clothing is made of low-quality materials that aren't made to last, and often in outsourced factories that over-work and underpay employees. Denim is historically known for not being easy or necessarily safe to make but is consistently in demand and a high-ticket item in the fast fashion industry. 

Everyone's been there, that $65 price versus $200 seems a lot more feasible. Let's look at this though, how many of those $65 jeans have you had to buy? They Stretch out or Rip so often... most people end up buying 2-3 pairs a year; which can quickly sum to one pair of high-quality, ethically made jeans that will last your years! 

At Boheme Collective we're passionate about only supporting & selling ethical and sustainable brands - including our Denim. 

Jean's are meant to be broken in, to fit everyone uniquely, and last for years.

 From the use of regenerative & recycled cotton, high-efficiency wash & dye machines, organic & green certified softeners, new-age indigo technology, only ethical practices, and so many other initiatives - Agolde keeps sustainability efforts at the forefront of their company; all while creating such dreamy, versatile fits & washes ~ so yup we’re obsessed & know you will be too! 

"To us, sustainability is about investing in the future. Using our resources to meet our own needs and doing so in a way that recognizes the needs of future generations."

- Amy Williams, Citizens of Humanity [Agolde] CEO
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These jeans are the perfect addition to your year-round capsule wardrobe, as each and every style is authentically crafted using 100% cotton materials, and inspired by your favourite vintage cuts.
Check out some of our favourite AGOLDE looks, and catch some style inspiration for the fast-approaching spring season:


90's Pinch Waist

90's Pinch Waist90's pinch waist


     90's pinch waist dark90's Pinch Waist Light



The Riley 
riley high rise cropped stretch Riley High Rise Cropped 


The Lana
Lana Denim





The Low Slung Baggy


Low Slung BaggyLow Slung Baggy

Low Slung BaggyLow Slung Baggy