Gift Ideas anyone will love

Gift Ideas anyone will love

Gift Ideas for People Who Are Hard to Shop for

Everyone has somebody or a couple of somebodies on their presents list who are hard to shop for. Maybe these people have such unique taste in style that your fashion picks for them are hopeless, or maybe it’s that they already buy anything they need. They will always accept your gift with a smile on their face, but you never see it being put to use! 

Coming up with gifts for the Hard to Shop for can cause fits. We’re here to help you find the perfect present that’s sure to put this friend or family member over the moon!

Spa Bundle - Goal Digger Clay Masque, Salty Epsom Salt, Lapcos Lip Patch, Bare Facial Rounds, Gua Sha 

  • Take the blanket approach with a spa-esque bundle! If one or two of the products don’t hit the mark, then maybe one of the other ones will. Worst case scenario, your friend ends up with some useful beauty products in reserve. Best case scenario, you’ve introduced someone to their new favourite brands!

Mini Candles - Mala's Holiday Mini Gift Set

  • This new set from Mala Candle consists of light, unique seasonal scents and come in the exclusive mini 4oz size! Plus the simple tin brand design can be easily added to anyone's home + holiday decor.

Simple & easy to pair Jewelry styles - Signet Ring, Margo Hoops, Love Bracelet

  • Elegantly simple – simply elegant. These pieces from Signet Ring from Lavender & Grace and Leah Alexandra are bold enough to hold attention on their own, but also fits seamlessly into any look. 

Cook Book

  • Everyone can use a few new recipes to add to their repertoire. The best part is that these books also look gorgeous on display! If the recipes aren’t getting utilized, it’s a cute decor addition. 

Online or In Store Gift Card

  • This is the present that they really want. While a gift card is never going to win a creativity award, the enigma in your life will always appreciate the freedom of choice.