Zodiac Gift Guides ~ Aquarius

Zodiac Gift Guides ~ Aquarius

Did you know Aquarius is the rarest zodiac sign? Show some appreciation for the rare person in your life this Aquarius season with an equally as special gift!
This air sign is known for being innovative, intellectual, eccentric, and passionate about interpersonal dynamics. That being said, they usually don't care to people-please and can come across as cold. However, they're actually deeply social and big thinkers; They're always thinking outside of the box and coming up with the next fun adventure, or party, for their, usually large, group of friends. 
Gift your unique, thinker Aquarius pal one of these items to secure the title of favourite friend: 
They always have a special style and don't mind standing out, these accessories are guaranteed to amplify any of their looks  

Ivory Necklace from Lavender & Grace Brooklyn Chain Necklace

Stella Band Ring

  Rancher Hat Capri from Lack of ColorTeddy Bucket hat ivory from Lack of color

Tune into a classic Aquarius’s knack for creativity with a prompted journal or a unique cookbook!

One Line a Day Journal Always Add Lemon Beauty Water guide book


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