9 Women-Owned Brands to support : International Women’s Day & Everyday

9 Women-Owned Brands to support : International Women’s Day & Everyday

International Women’s Day - a day to celebrate the strides made towards gender equality and awareness against gender bias. Here at Boheme Collective we are intentional about the brands we carry and the values behind them, therefore we are so proud to carry these female-founded, Canadian brands. These companies put women at the core of their mission and also promote values of inclusivity, transparency, and equality. Here are some of our favourite brands you should have on your radar this International Women’s Day.

1. Lavender & Grace

If you don’t already know this OG Okanagan jewelry brand then you need to! Based out of Kelowna BC, Lavender & Grace is woman-owned and operated specializing in effortless everyday jewelry pieces. Owner, Kayla Gablehouse, originally found her passion for jewelry making through modifying older pieces of jewelry. This hobby soon became a successful business in 2015. Her products can now be found in boutiques across Canada. Fun fact - Boheme Collective were the first boutique to carry Lavender & Grace! We are so honoured to watch Kayla’s incredible company flourish and grow. Shop our collection of Lavender & Grace here.

Lavender & GraceImages by Hope Renee Photography

2. Mala the Brand

Mala the Brand is a woman-owned and operated candle company based out of Vancouver BC. Owner Melody’s mission is to provide high quality, hand-crafted candles made from the simplest ingredients. Selecting sustainable materials, created in small batches to maintain quality and avoiding unnecessary waste. They have also partnered with Tree Era and Trees for the Future so that for every candle purchased a tree is planted! Mala the Brand not only makes the most deliciously scented soy candles, they have created a sustainably crafted product that you can feel proud to purchase. Shop our collection of Mala the Brand candles here.

Mala the Brand

3. K'Pure

K'Pure is a BC based organic skincare company, owner Karen Hoekstra started the business creating handmade natural deodorant from her kitchen table, this quickly evolved into a whole line of natural hand-made, cruelty-free products. Created with the strictest attention to detail and highest quality ingredients, leaving customers hooked on these organic skincare products. The K’Pure business mantra is ‘What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body’. Shop our collection of K'Pure products here.


4. Leah Alexandra

Leah Alexandra is woman-owned and operated in Vancouver BC, born from founder Leah's passion for gemstones. This passion combined with an education in design and metalsmithing lead Leah to create a unique collection of high-quality, timeless pieces. What started as making jewelry at home soon blossomed into a brand with a following across the globe. Each piece is created with care and passion in hopes that it will one day become a heirloom item that will be passed down for generations. Shop our collection of Leah Alexandra here.

Leah Alexandra

5. Supercrush

Supercrush, founded in 2018 by a mother/daughter duo who had a goal of making great hair easy! Their handmade hair pieces elevate your look with high-quality hair accessories that treat your hair with kindness. Supercrush accessories are handmade in Vancouver by a team of fairly-paid makers from locally sourced fabrics. They are committed to using sustainable manufacturing methods and giving back to their community through partnerships with women-centric organizations that support their community. Shop our collection of Supercrush scrunchies here.


6. The Gut Lab

The Gut Lab was founded by two sisters, Danica and Lexi, who have made it their mission to educate, empower and inspire with their nourishing superfood blends designed to elevate your elixirs, smoothies and snacks. The Gut Lab has been dedicated to supercharging people and the planet since 2016, their products are created with the highest quality, responsibly sourced powdered roots, herbs, fruits, and healing mushrooms. Starting your wellness journey is easy with the support of The Gut Lab. Shop our collection of The Gut Lab products here.

The Gut Lab

7. Só Luxury

Só Luxury  is the ‘baby’ of two best friends, Amanda and Shylah, who rebranded Amanda’s original business, Bébé de Luxe, to So Luxury Bath & Body Inc in 2017. Together, they have created a brand that embodies Só, meaning luxury, in every product. From body soaks and salts, to baby and me products, to body oils, they have an abundance of high-quality organic products for everyone. Shop our collection of Só Luxury products here.

So Luxury

8. Within Us

Within Us is the first company in North America to introduce a premium-select grade, wild-caught, and sustainably-sourced marine collagen. Led by Founder, and CEO, Tami Nasu along with 13 motivated, passionate, knowledgeable, ambitious team members consisting of 12 women. Within Us provides premium grade wellness products and exceptional customer experiences. Their products range from powders to teas and are adored just as much by their staff as their returning customers. Praised by many celebrities and influencers, this product will elevate your health and not leave you disappointed. Shop our collection of Within Us products here.

Within Us

9. Smash + Tess

Smash + Tess is a Vancouver-designed, North American made, and globally inspired clothing brand founded by a mother-daughter-bestie trio, that believes in slowing down the cycle of fast fashion by creating long-lasting timeless rompers. With their rompers being made of a sustainable rayon from bamboo and a cotton blend material, they are sure to withstand the test of time. This brand has created a strong community of women, dedicated to functionality, style, and girl-power! Shop our collection of Smash + Tess styles here.

Smash + Tess


Here at Boheme Collective we are so inspired by the brands and businesses these incredible women have created, and we are so proud to offer these Canadian women-owned products to our customers.