Here at Boheme Collective, good karma is at the root of our company ethos. We are strong believers of ‘what goes around comes around’ and that we should all do a little more to help one another. Therefore our motivation is not only to do great as a company, but also to pay it forward and do more to help others.

Collective Karma is our project created to support the work of inspirational local charities and non-profits by donating a percentage of every sale we make, donating new clothing and volunteering our time. As women in business we want to harness this collective energy and promote women supporting one another. We believe that this project should start within our local community, so we have partnered up with the incredible Okanagan based charity Mamas for Mamas.

As our business grows and the more our customers shop, the more we are able to give back. We also invite you to get involved and share the Collective Karma - you can do this either by donating your Boheme Collective reward points to Mamas for Mamas (you can do this by logging into your loyalty account), or by donating directly using the link below.

Mamas for Mamas

Mamas for Mamas

Mamas for Mamas is changing the landscape of poverty through innovative approaches to socioeconomic barriers faced by struggling families. 

Mamas for Mamas envision a future where no Mama or child is left behind.